Mtskheta 1Day tour


Program: Visit the ancient city of Mtskheta - Tasting of Georgian wine cellar in the cellar Iago - Svetitskhoveli - Shio Mgvime - Holy Cross Monastery (Jvari) - return to Tbilisi.


One of the oldest cities of Georgia (in Kartli, eastern Georgia), 24 kilometers from Tbilisi. Founded in the 2nd half of the 1st millennium BC. e. By the end of the V century BC. e. - The capital of the kingdom of Kartli. Here are located the remains of fortified residences, neighborhoods, cemeteries, as well as the monastery complex Samtavro (the main church of the XI century) and Svetitskhoveli Cathedral. Near Mtskheta is the oldest in the country, the monastery church Jvari (VI century). Holy place for the Orthodox Georgians who related the story of Jesus Christ's tunic, the adoption of Christianity as the state religion and Mtskheta still remains the main destination of the Georgian Orthodox and Apostolic Church.


Cathedral of the in Mtskheta (1010-1029, architect Arsukisdze). Cross-dome, elongated along the longitudinal axis of the building; Svetitskhoveli - one of the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Stone building of the cathedral for the first time erected in the VIII century AD over the grave of a Jewish Cydonia, buried wrapped in a cloak of Jesus Christ. Legend suggests that the church, erected over her grave, repeatedly destroyed before the builders have time to lay the last stone church building. The church was left standing only after someone has guessed the first pillar in the temple of planed wood trunk that grew over the grave of Sidonia. When clearing the site for construction of the temple of the trunk was sawed and thrown aside. ( "Sveti Tskhoveli" in Russian translation - "budded pillar"). The church is listed in the list of monuments protected by UNESCO.

Shio Mgvime Monastery

Monastery was founded by St. Shio - one of the thirteen Assyrian Holy Fathers, who came to Georgia in the VI century and many have tried to preach Christianity.
The old church was built at the beginning of the VI century and consecrated in honor of St. John the Baptist, the so-called "free-Phillips" type buildings, a very simple and austere.
The complex of the monastery a large number of different buildings, but the old part retained its patented original form was built. The monastery is rich with frescoes belonging to the end of the XVI century. To date in 6000 the monastery transferred power venerable Gareji, regularly held worship.

From architectural buildings preserved domed church of 60th. VI., Refectory mature medieval era largest church in the XII. (1123), restored in the XVII century.

Tasting of Georgian wines in the cellar Iago

The company was the first in Georgia, received a bio-certificate for the vineyard and for the enterprise. The company owns 1 hectare of vineyards and small wine cellar (Marani) in Chardakhi village, Mtskheta Region. The vineyard is located on the Mukhrani Valley, which is one of the best and most historically famous places in Georgia. The company currently produces about 1200-1500 bottles of dry white wine called "Chardakhi".

The company performs all the vinery and winemaking operations only traditional and environmentally friendly methods. The wine is made with one of the best Georgian grape species "Chinuri". The wine is pressed in the traditional way, with his feet in a winepress. Then the wine is fermented and stabilized in clay jars that 3 centuries.

In 2006, one of the largest and most reputable Italian companies who are engaged in subsistence production ( are interested in the products of our company and the first export was made in Italy in the same year. This 4 years now, 100% of the wine "Chardakhi" is exported to Italy, with the assistance of this company


Georgian bread
Eggplant with nuts
Assorted pickles
Salad with cucumbers and tomatoes
Wine: White (two tasting glasses)
red (two tasting glasses)
Chacha - two glasses

Holy Cross Monastery (Jvari)
Jvari - famous temple, located on the hill at the confluence of the Kura and Aragvi rivers, across from the ancient capital of Georgia. He built the ruler of East Georgia on a wooden cross, delivered on Mount St. Nina. From written records it is known that in the middle of the VI century cross stood open and was visible from far away, as the object of worship and celebration in his honor was established in the Georgian church. In the second half of the VI century guar ruler built next to cross a small temple Jvari. In 586, the son of Guarama Stepanoz I begin construction of a large Jvari, which was supposed to be a decent shell for the national shrine - the cross of St. Nina. Construction was completed in the year 604, and the temple came to us almost unchanged. Jvari Church - one of the most remarkable achievements of the ancient Georgian architecture, and without exaggeration, the most popular Georgian monument, perceived as an immortal symbol of the national genius.


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