Wine tour (Kakheti ) Alaverdi - Telavi - Tsinandali - Velistsikhe

Wine tour in Kakheti

Alaverdi - Telavi - Tsinandali - Velistsikhe

The purpose of a wine tour is to try different varieties of wine in different wineries.

Tour Format

This is completely car tour. We usually start at 09:00 am and return about 20:00. Group pick up from the place of residence and return to the same.

The service includes: transportation, meals, guide service, wine tasting, etc.

Tour Process: Alaverdi - Telavi - Tsinandali - Velistsikhe

Alaverdi Cathedral (180 km)

Cathedral Cross-domed church in the 11th. Alaverdi Monastery was established in the second half of the 6th century, one of the Assyrian Fathers Joseph Alaverdiiyskim which there and buried. Alaverdi Cathedral of St.. George built Kakhetian king Kvirike in the 11th century. Its height is 50 m.

Miraculously, it is that today's wine from Alaverdi is the same as it was a thousand years ago. We have a unique opportunity to get in touch with the times, when in fact the wine bore the idea of ​​mystery. No other wine can not be the same as it was ten centuries ago.

Of course, I would like to mention the uniqueness of white wine is in force, which, perhaps, we can only see here.
With all due respect to the good and even great wines, to find such strength and goodness of the wine can only be in Alaverdi. Although we can talk about why and how it works, but still no miracle is impossible. The way in which the power of the spectrum and is open Rkatsiteli ...



Then we pass in Telavi and visit the winery  "Schumi". This winery nice excursion for a free tasting of wine is poured very good: Tsinandali, Saperavi, and Kindzmarauli Mukuzani. Sometimes it is interesting to replace Saperavi Napareuli. Here at the winery grape has a wonderful collection

Today Telavi - modern cozy town with a population of more than 20 thousand inhabitants. Tourists are attracted by the opportunity to get acquainted with the ancient traditions of winemaking, preserved in Kakheti region since time immemorial. Kakheti wine known around the world. It produces about 70 different types of wine.


 Next to the "Schumi" in the same village , there is the Palace of Alexandre Chavchavadze, Surrounded by drowning in the greenery of the garden. Once here there have been frequent guests representatives of the Russian public figureს , such as :  AS Griboyedov, AS Pushkin, MY Lermontov. The park Tsinandali preserved chapel in which married the famous Russian writer Alexander Griboyedov and daughter of the  host ,   young Princess Nina Chavchavadze.


It is a  village in Kakheti , located in the Gurjaani district at an altitude of 380 meters above sea level. The village is located in an interesting part of Kakheti, and in it ,  there are three temples, two restaurants and a wine museum "Numisi".

The main attraction in Velistsikhe today is "Numisi" wine museum.

"Wine cellar Numisi" (მარანი ნუმისი) - an interesting project that turns into Velistsikhe mandatory to visit the place. This is a big stone building on the main street of the village with a pointer. There is a room with objects of everyday life, which is really a lot. This clothing, jugs, and wine press, and yet all different. Next for the room is actually a dug kvevri Marani. Between the hall and Marani - descent into the cellar, where in the past stored meat and poultry. The cellar is dark, damp, cold, with a constant temperature of 14 degrees.


The museum has a decent view kitchen room for tastings. You can taste different kinds of  Wine  such as  local Saperavi and Rkatsiteli.


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