Svaneti (3days Tour)

                                                                                       Tbilisi - Zugdidi - Mestia - Ushguli - Tbilisi 

Day 1 :  Zugdidi 

Trip To Zugdidi

We will see :

" Dadiani Palace "

The treasury of west Georgia is located in the center of Zugdidi. Nowadays the palace became the state historical and ethnographical museum. Once it used to be the residence of Dadianis' Dynasty but in 1849 it became a museum. The owners of the palace were well educated people with interests in different fields. The representatives of the Dynasty were acquainted with world history, culture latest technical achievements. They were tightly involved in the social events.

During the centuries they were assisting Georgian artists, writers and representatives of culture. Prominent people were gathering in their residence and were delibarating on political, social and cultural issues.

Enguri Dam

The Enguri Dam is a hydroelectric dam on the Enguri River in Georgia. Currently it is the world's second highest concrete arch dam with a height of 271.5 metres (891 ft). It is located north of the town Jvari. It is part of the Enguri hydroelectric power station (HES) which is partially located in Abkhazia, the separatist region of Georgia.
We will have a lunch , then we will go to Mestia .    We will stay in hotel for a night  in Mestia . 

Day 2 : Mestia

Visit Svaneti Museum

After rehabilitation of the museum, exhibition halls were equipped in the modern way under the latest standards. There were created restoration laboratories and storages. Now museum has 6 permanent exposition halls. Visitors have amazing opportunity to travel inside the museum and see exponents discovered during archeological excavations and numismatic samples. Museum has special halls of Christian treasure, where visitors have opportunity to see IX-XVIII century masterpieces of world importance such as:  Icon of the Forty Sebastian Martyrs, Embroidered Byzantine Icon, Venetian Cross, jug donated by Queen Tamar, earliest remaining sample of illustrated manuscript- Adishi Gospels (897) and etcetera. The last exhibition hall in the museum is dedicated to the exponents of Georgian Ethnography.

Visit Michael Khergiani's Museum

 The museum houses materials belonging to famous Georgian alpinist Mikheil Khergiani(1932-1969) There are: alpinist’s memorial things and different exhibits of life Svaneti: icons, furniture, vessels, agrarian work implements, clothes, alpinist’s implements, also paintings and different publication about alpinism.

Visit : Hatsvali ( Ski resort )

Village "Lenjeri"                                                                                                         Village "Latali"

After that we will have a dinner and get back to Hotel 

Day 3 
Trip To Ushguli 
On the road we will see "Tower Of  Love" . In Ushguli we will visit Queen Tamar's Towers ,  The Castle of Lamaria and The Village Kala.
After that we will have a dinner and go back To Hotel . 

Day 4 
In the morning we will Leave Hotel and go back to Tbilisi 

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